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Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. ~ Kahlil Gibran

All of you know how much I love showing you pictures of all the lovely ladies I get to meet and work with. Every one of them is a gem, absolutely stunning in a unique way.

Boudoir photography is about catching that “wow” factor in women, and showing them something that they don’t always see themselves. Whether they realize it or not, each woman is tremendous, offering something new and beautiful to the world that has never been seen before.

One of my favorite things is hearing the shocked responses after I’ve delivered the photos – things like, “That’s me?” I always answer: “Of course!” I’m not a magician or a creator of beauty, I just aim to capture it…that’s all. The women who I do shoots with, THEY are the magic. I am just the lucky person who gets to record it.

This gorgeous gal wanted to surprise her hubby with a set of boudoir photos, and she was a natural! She was all leather and lace, a perfect combination of strength and beauty (like so many women I know).

But I’m only featuring one here for a very important reason…that’s what she wanted!


The thing about boudoir is that it is a very personal thing. The word itself implies intimacy, as a woman’s boudoir is her private bedroom. The most important thing to me is to respect the wishes, and privacy, of my boudoir clients. I understand that sometimes for a variety of reasons, my clients want to ensure that their photos will remain “for your eyes only”. And so, I do have a “privacy option” they can purchase.

If a client would like this option, for an additional fee, they can have the privacy clause addendum added to their contract. This guarantees that NONE of their photos will be shared by me on Facebook, my blog, shown to potential clients, used as part of my portfolio, or used in any form of advertising, etc.

The way this works is that once I deliver the photos to the client, they’re never seen again, unless the client decided to show someone of course. The privacy option would ensure that none of the pictures will ever be used for any purpose or shown to anyone other than the client… even a picture of just a foot is top-secret!

Boudoir should be fun, not stressful! And if keeping your photos private helps make you more comfortable, then I want you to have that option.

For more information on my boudoir sessions, please check the boudoir section of my website.  To schedule a session of your own, please contact me!

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