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“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter.”
~Charles Dickens

I got to share part of an afternoon with one of the most FUN families! This another former Redcock family, and for those who know me and have been following me, you know this means that they are very close to my heart.

We had an absolute BLAST during the shoot. They just have so much fun together. I’m pretty sure everyone was laughing the entire time. It’s really a remarkable thing to see families not only loving and supporting each other, but laughing and enjoying time together!! This is the way it was meant to be.

Here they are. Meet the G Family!!



See what I mean? Don’t they look fun! And one of my favorite things is when I say “Everybody tickle daddy!”

And they do!!!


These two lovely ladies just stole my heart. Their little personalities were so very different, and they are both so unique and vibrant…but you can tell how much of a sweet bond they have as sisters. They will grow up together and always have a friend nearby (once all that pesky sibling rivalry wears off!)


But there’s something else too…You probably guessed it, but this adorable family is GROWING! That’s right, these two gorgeous young ladies are about to welcome a baby brother into the world!


Mom and Dad are shining. It’s really beautiful to see happiness so evident on their faces…

And there’s more of this family to come… I’m so excited to introduce to you the next member of the G Family, Mr. Liam… so stay tuned!!


Congratulations G Family on your new bundle of love!!! And thank you so much for letting me spend this wonderful time with you!

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