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“You are the closest I will ever come to magic.” ~ Suzanne Finnamore

I am consistently astounded by the strength of the women I meet, and feel so privileged to work with them… this beautiful mother is no different. She is an exceptionally strong military wife who had her little man while her hubby was deployed.

Daddy hasn’t met Mr. Bexten just yet, but that wonderful, sought after moment is just around the corner.  There’s nothing in the world quite like a family reunited after being away from each other…

Momma is super sweet, kind, smart, funny, and ALL ABOUT her little man! She’s totally focused on her family… hubby and her son, and it’s so awesome to see and be around. She’s had support from her friends and family but obviously cannot wait for her hubby to come back home. Bexten is a very lucky boy, he’s loved very much!

And without further ado, here he is…such a handsome little darling!



This little man has such a comfortable and relaxing nursery… his Mommy went all out! She is really so creative to make such a paradise for him…and I love the airplanes. It’s like they’re telling little Bexten that no matter how far away his daddy is, he’s still there watching over him…




We had so much fun on this shoot, Mr. Bexten, his Mommy and I…but the little man, after three hours of being in the spotlight, he’d had quite enough!

“Please, lady, no more pictures!!”


Thank you Mr. Bexten (and to your wonderful mommy!!) for letting me spend this afternoon with you, and to have this sweet glimpse into your lives… I’m so blessed to know such incredible people!!!!

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