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Every child walks into existence through the golden gate of love.

~ John Beecher

One of my brightest joys is when I get to spend time with Mothers and their newborn children…I truly believe that a woman is absolutely stunning in pregnancy…but that she positively glows once she has brought a little one into the world! It’s so beautiful to see…and I am so privileged to be there to capture these precious moments.

Many of the new Mommies I meet are so strong…a lot of them have had children while their husbands are deployed or away, but they don’t complain or worry. They are so proud of their men, and they are raising their children in a home full of love and laughter… patiently waiting for that moment when he gets to come home, and they all get to be together…

But all that aside, being a mother is one of the most difficult things in the world, but also one of the most rewarding. Every mother I meet is a champion, and every little person I meet is a gift.

Photographing newborns is like recording the face of love…their little lives are so full of hope and possibilities. They are just beginning, and that in itself is a miracle. They could grow up to do anything, be anything…and all of the families I meet want to give the world to these little angels….

I could go on all day about babies… but, I have a newborn to show you (surprise!)… and I have to brag… I got to snuggle the happiest and most charming little angel for this session… Miss Evie is absolutely adorable! I have been good friends with her mommy for quite some time, and have been privileged to watch this little family grow in love, and in numbers!

So pretty in pink, Mommy and baby!


This family is extraordinary, and Matt and Elaine are phenomenal parents… little Evie doesn’t know it yet, but throughout her life she will have more love than she knows what to do with!

Introducing: Marion Evelyn “Evie” Brown

She’s perfect!





I love this hat, by none other than My Loopy Little Monsters.  So young and already showing support for her amazing military dad!



Brown family, congratulations on your little bundle of joy! I’m so excited to see this little one grow up in a family who loves each other as much as you all do!!

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