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There’s something sweetly seductive about a destination hotel… There’s a chance for delightful intrigue, of seeing  a new perspective…and of just having an amazing time!!

I am tickled to present to you the bodacious lady known as Madame P.  She’s a fiery damsel, a spark of excitement…

And quite the “Beautiful Mess”…

This shoot was such a blast to do! When you combine California sunsets and beautiful women the results are just perfect…



You gotta love a splash of red… And these classy pearls…playing with accessories is one of the highlights of what I do, it’s so much fun.


If there’s one thing I love, it’s showing the personalities of every one of my clients…because all of them are beautiful and unique. It makes my job that much more exciting…

And of course, check out this gorgeous piece. Don’t you love the color?


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