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I got to spend a morning on the flightline with the wonderful Tomlinson family and their little bundle of joy, Alex. Both Amy & Warren are Naval Aviators (I blogged about their last flight, which they did together, here).  I love how obvious it is how happy they all are, and how much they love each other… these two are really a team…

Here’s Alex in red and blue, doing his patriotic duty and helping out his Mom. And good boys who do their part get smothered in kisses!!!!

And you wouldn’t know it, because Alex is such a little angel, but he wasn’t feeling his best during the shoot. This is where Grammie came in! This sweet woman had him laughing and pretty soon he started having such a good time. She is a precious and wonderful military wife, mother, and grandmother!!! (And as a side note, Pat is my personal mentor on how to juggle these things and be fantastic at it!) Thanks Grammie!!

Such an incredible military family, and Mom and Dad are so in love. Though I couldn’t help but laugh at Alex’s possessiveness over his Mom… Daddy’s not allowed to steal kisses on his watch, that’s for sure!! 🙂

I love this wonderful family, and miss them now that they’ve moved on to other adventures…  So much pride!  How could you not be proud when you’ve accomplished so much? It’s just so impressive…

All dressed up and ready for his first flight! Well, maybe not quite yet…:)

One of my favorites from that morning… Little Alex just stealing the show!!!!

This family is just so sweet. I am honored to be able to share this glimpse into their lives with you… miss you Amy & Woogie!!

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