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“The ordinary aviator is an extraordinary man [or woman!] and the extraordinary aviator stands as one in a million among his fellows.” — Theodore Roosevelt

I was privileged to be present for a truly unique and historic occasion, and honored to be asked to document it for these two wonderful people, Warren and Amy. I really enjoy times like these where I get to be in the company of proud Naval Aviators and fellow people who love and support them!

They both had their final flight with their squadrons prior to moving on to a new adventure…and as far as I know, it’s the first time in Naval history that a husband and wife completed their final flight together. So impressive, and I’m so glad I got to be there!

Such a wonderful celebration!

Amy “Spur” was completing her last flight with VFA-122, the “Flying Eagles”, and Warren “Woogie” was completing his last flight with VFA-22, the “Fighting Redcocks”.

Obviously they flew in separate jets, but how special and rare a thing that they were doing this together…

The tradition on a final flight is an Aviator’s squadron-mates come out and meet them on the flight line and spray them down with (usually very cold) water when they get out of their jets. Like everything that day, these two got the honor together…

You can tell how FREEZING the water was by the look on Woogie’s face…but both of them took it in stride. It was such a proud moment…

I couldn’t resist taking some shots of them with their little man, Alex, who was of course there to witness his parent’s special flight… I’ll be bringing you a glimpse into a family session with for these guys soon as well!!!

Alex may be too young to realize it yet, but he truly has some exceptional parents… Amy & Woogie have been special friends of ours, since my hubby’s last squadron was VFA-22’s Redcocks… we’ve been through deployments together, babies together, and I’m personally going to miss them now that they’re moving on!!

Such a beautiful, strong military family…loving and supporting each other through everything…

Congratulations Tomlinsons!!!

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