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So Michaela, do you ever photograph REAL women???

Lately I’ve been getting asked a lot if I ever photograph “real women” since the ladies in my boudoir sessions look so perfect and “obviously” have no flaws… I take that as a HUGE compliment, and so should the ladies… since yes, they are ALL “real women”!  They are wives… they are mothers… they are not models.  They vary in age from 20 to over 50.  They mostly consider themselves “flawed” or “not sexy”.  My clients almost all tell me that they don’t know how to look sexy… they don’t know how to pose… they don’t think they’ll look good in pictures.  My answer?  You don’t need to know how to be anything other than yourself, and leave the rest to me!

It doesn’t matter if my client is thin or plus-sized; I approach each woman the exact same way.  Flattering someone is all about what you choose to focus on. You can easily flatter (or un-flatter) any size/shape woman with lighting, angles, setting, wardrobe, and lens choices as well as the spirit in which you capture her. I hope that with each boudoir session I share with you, I further demonstrate this truth:

Sensuality and sexiness comes from within!

There are moments as women when we experience the feeling of being sexy, seductive, and sassy, but don’t always see it. I believe that seeing IS believing.  I’ve had my client’s husbands look at the photos of their wives and say “yes, that’s what I see when I look at you!!!”  We as women see a skewed, flawed, and imperfect version of ourselves when we look in the mirror… We burden ourselves with an impossible (and unrealistic) standard of how we “should” be… my goal is to show you that you are, RIGHT NOW, sexy and powerful.  Right at this moment, as you are.  Not because you just lost weight.  Not because you just changed something dramatic about yourself… because you are YOU…

I want to share my work with any woman who has ever struggled with themselves or their body image, which is just about every woman!  Boudoir photography is the BEST way to really see yourself, whether you are curvy or tiny, whether large or small busted, whether luscious or sleek.  Let me show you the REAL you!

For more information on my boudoir sessions, please check the boudoir section of my website, complete with a special Boudoir FAQ section.  To schedule a boudoir party of your own, please contact me!

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