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“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited” ~Anne Buchanan & Debra Klingsporn

I love that I have so many opportunities to meet proud military families, all part of a community of strong, dedicated people who love each other so much that no distance can separate them. I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with this adorable budding family, and I’m SO excited to share these pictures with all of you!!

Every stage of pregnancy is beautiful, and at only 20 weeks Blair was positively glowing! I normally don’t have the opportunity to do maternity shoots this early in the pregnancy, but this couple has a bittersweet and special story – one that makes me admire them so much. His deployment date was just around the corner, and they knew that he wouldn’t be back before the baby was born, so they wanted to commemorate the pregnancy with him home. You can just see how in love these two are, and how committed they are to each other.

This couple is SUPER excited about their baby, and I’m so impressed with how much they’re taking the deployment in stride… I’ve seen a lot of military spouses get depressed or resentful when deployment is imminent and they know their spouse will miss a major life event… but not Blair… she is such a strong and beautiful Navy wife.

Really, these two are one of the cutest couples!! Baby Nina is going to be so loved!!

It’s obvious how much these two love and trust each other, and how much fun they have together. Nina is so lucky. She’ll be growing up in a family where everyone is loved and supported no matter what. The miles can’t break apart a love like that.

And I CAN’T wait to bring you more pictures near the end of the pregnancy when this adorable new mama is really showing!

Congrats Rohan Family!!!!

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