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Crazy, Sexy, Confident, Beautiful – these six ladies got the chance to strut their stuff at a boutique hotel in Fresno, and I tell you they nailed it! They are just GORGEOUS. My stylist, Angel Soltero (Check out her lovely work Here) always does such a fantastic job, and the girls had a blast getting all dolled up.

Party Boudoir Shoots are really so much fun!! We girls like to do everything together, it gives us confidence… Boudoir shoots are no different. Everyone was just so relaxed and having a great time!

And of course, more women means more GREAT SHOES! Look at these beauties.

These ladies aren’t professional models, but you wouldn’t know it. They looked AMAZING! But Boudoir isn’t about professional models anyway, it’s about taking alluring images of REAL Women and showcasing their natural beauty… and enhancing their assets.

I loved playing with the rose petals… I did something similar here and I never tire of experimenting with props!

More sexy shoes!!

There were so many great accessories at this shoot, in so many different styles.

We had a bit of “costume fun” with this one!! The corset’s a nice touch… and like I always say, I love it when my clients aren’t afraid to use color and think outside the box!

I had so much fun hanging out with these classy ladies!

For more information on my boudoir sessions, please check the boudoir section of my website.  To schedule a boudoir party of your own, please contact me!

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