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James Dean and Marilyn Monroe? Nope, it’s two of my favorite Lovebirds: Matt and Elaine! This couple is so full of life, and I loved every minute of this shoot.  I brought you the first half of their session here.  For the second half, they decided to go retro!  They both dressed the part so well (Don’t you love Elaine’s outfit?), and looked like they had just walked out of a 50’s movie. They are so playful with each other, and just overall fun to be around.

Do you see the way they look at each other? It’s obvious that they are so in LOVE!

They look like a couple of teenagers sharing that milkshake, so cute!

This couple has traveled the world together, and they really are connected by an unbreakable bond. It’s not often that you see this in couples, such a level of… comfortableness.  Yes I know that’s not a word, but it fits!  When these two look at each other, you can see how much they love and trust each other…like they know each other’s deepest secrets, and love one another even more because of it. It’s really beautiful to witness. I am always honored to glimpse into their lives, and to spend time with them.

Did I mention how awesome Elaine’s outfit was? She has such a classy style. Her headband was so perfect…that shocking red just makes a girl stand out, you know? Accessories make or break an outfit, and she rocked it that day.

And look at these SHOES!! They’re AMAZING.

When sharing a milkshake, always ask for two cherries, or else one will have to go without…but Matt is a gentleman, like most Naval Aviators, and let Elaine have the cherry on top. Such a good man. 🙂

So what’s with that glint in her eye? What are you thinking about, Elaine?

She’s thinking that the milkshake is going to need three straws soon! Why?

Because their little family is going to be plus one in the near future. So exciting!!!

I can’t wait to bring you more of this growing family. I’m so happy for you guys!!!

Congrats, Matt and Elaine!

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