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Y’all are probably getting sick of hearing it, but I have the BEST clients and fans!!!  I love it when my clients take time out of their lives to send me a note letting me know that they appreciate my work… it warms my heart, makes my day, and lets me know that I’m doing something right!

I got this sweet note from the “S” Family, who I’ll be bringing you more of soon…

I am so in love with these photos!!!!  Thank you so much for capturing our family just the way we are and for making us all so beautiful!!!  I am beyond excited to get these printed and put on our wall so we can see them everyday.

I was thinking that if we even got two photos that were perfect then it would be worth the money but you far exceeded my expectations and hopes.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Thank YOU for allowing me to share in an afternoon with your family!!!