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Sometimes a sailor is sent to sea with the promise of returning in a couple of months… then word comes that the deployment is extended by a couple more months, and then a couple more… but finally, after 8 long months away from home, they’re finally home!

Congrats to Jeff & Kaylee Bosworth… and a long overdue Welcome Home to Jeff!  You’ve been strong and supported each other through it all… and I’ve personally watched Kaylee roll with the punches this military life brings, keeping her spirits up and doing the impossible job of “Navy Wife” with excellence and pride!!

This beautiful lady has become an integral part of our family and of my children’s lives… and I just love watching my little girl run to her bouncing and squealing “Miss Kaylee!  Miss Kaylee!”  We will more than happily share her precious time with her hubby now though… 🙂

The love these two have for each other is palpable… you can’t be around them and not feel it… what a wonderful thing to experience!!!

Welcome home!!

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