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People are usually surprised to learn that I make housecalls! I prefer for my client’s boudoir sessions to be as personalized as possible so we usually shoot in their home.  Other times my clients have a favorite hotel or other location in mind that they want to use as a backdrop for their sexy photo shoot. I love making housecalls for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it allows me to shoot in a new environment each time, which keeps me creative and inspired.

It also allows me to create a fully customized shoot for each client.  Unlike studio boudoir photographers, who too often have a scripted set of poses, I cater to my client’s environment, figure, lighting, wardrobe, etc.  One of my favorite things about shooting boudoir in my client’s homes is it gives the photos a very personal feel… women feeling and BEING sexy in their own everyday environment… doing everyday things…

Want to book a session in your home? Please contact me to get some more detailed info!