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Every now and then you get feedback that really hits home… you discover that the things you’ve been trying SO hard to do, you have been achieving!  I just received an  email from Madame R, a boudoir client, that has absolutely made my week!

I always hope that with my boudoir sessions I am able to make my clients feel comfortable and sexy, and that they leave with a better appreciation of their own bodies… and I LOVE hearing that I have been able to help do exactly that…

I love my images and had SO MUCH FUN doing the shoot!  Working with you, in a Boudoir shoot, was surprisingly relaxed!  What I mean is, I was completely naked in front of you and was completely comfortable.  You made me feel like a sexy, beautiful woman, which is what I needed in order to let go and enjoy being photographed.  I loved that you gave me direction, paid attention to detail and took the time to improve extra little details in the room (moving the bed, fixing pillows, using the fan, etc.).

You are a perfectionist and, coming from someone who is anal and picky about pictures, I love that about you!  You also seem like a good person and an easy, fast friend.  I felt like we were old pals romping around in a hotel room, having a blast together!  And then, on the flip side, I also felt like a model!  I can’t believe the pictures–I can’t believe that’s MY body!  You took my insecurities and constantly reminded me that even though I didn’t like that part of myself, the rest of me was beautiful and picture worthy!  I still feel that way today!

I gained so much confidence in myself, how I handle intimacy with my husband, and how I present myself to others because of the photo shoot with you.  Thank you for that experience and the encouragement you have given me to be sexy and feel sexy daily!  I can’t wait to do another session!

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