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Everywhere you looked there were families anxiously waiting… the ladies were all dolled up, the kids were excited… the hanger was decorated, and the beer was on ice… today the Fist of the Fleet, VFA-25, was coming home!  They’ve been on a 6 month deployment aboard the USS Carl Vinson and I can only imagine how excited they were to finally fly over NAS Lemoore as they roared overhead in a beautiful formation.

My attention was on two young boys in particular… Mason and Ford waited with their Mom for their Daddy, Taylor, to come home… time seemed to stand still as the jets landed and slowly taxied towards the hanger… finally the time came, and everyone was able to run towards their Fisties and hold them in their arms… I always cry at homecomings, there’s just so much raw emotion everywhere you look!

I was honored to be able to capture the reunion of the Hesse family on this special day… I’ll let the pictures tell you the rest of the story… ___________________________________________________________________

Everything is ready and waiting for their arrival…

Little Ford was SO happy to be getting his Daddy back! This little guy was only around 4 months old when Daddy left… he’s gotten SO much bigger!

As the Fisties flew overhead the excitement grew… I LOVED seeing the smiles and hearing the cheers!! It’s almost time!!

Here they come!!


And now for the absolutely BEST part…  Now tell me this doesn’t bring tears to your eye!


Little Ford had such a good hold on his Daddy’s flight suit… it was adorable!

The Boys


This was absolutely the BIGGEST and BEST smile I have ever seen…  Mason is one happy guy!!  Watching Mason help his Daddy carry all his flight gear as they walked back choked me up…


Congratulations to the Hesse family!!!  I am so excited that this beautiful family is back together again, and I’ll be bringing you more of these adorable boys soon!

Welcome home Taylor!!

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