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I recently had the honor and privilege of partnering with a local non-profit group that supports a great cause.  OneLess Inc. is a nonprofit organization that helps kids and teens be one less bullied. They provide one-on-one mentoring and advocacy to parents and children who have dealt with bullying.  This topic has received a lot of attention lately, and as a parent, it’s an important one to me!

I was able to take one of the founders of the organization, along with a couple of the kids associated with it, out for a fun portrait session.  These girls were a hoot and a half!  Not your typical teenagers, these young ladies are polite, well spoken, fun-loving, and respectful.  They had me cracking up for most of their session… and it’s hard to take pictures when your camera is shaking from laughing!

Let me introduce Savannah and Eden to you…

I just had to feature the awesome boots that Savannah was rockin!

Eden has a laugh that is absolutely infectious… and I LOVE the way her eyes sparkle when she laughs!

They had a good time scaring each other and generally goofing off in the Hanford town square…

And here is Savannah with her mom Stephanie… Stephanie co-founded OneLess Inc.  I was also able to grab a shot of 3 generations of strong beautiful women that have overcome countless obstacles in their lives!

OneLess Inc provides one-on-one mentoring and advocacy to parents and children who have dealt with bullying. Their goal is to bring awareness to communities by giving presentations to schools, youth groups, etc… This is a fabulous cause that I am proud to support!  Find them online at www.onelessinc.org or on their Facebook page.

If you’re interested in booking a session, you can email me at ms@michaelastuart.com.  You can also stay connected by liking my Facebook Fan Page.