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My clients book their boudoir sessions for so many different reasons. Sometimes they want to give a really spicy gift to that special man in their life.  Sometimes they’re about to get married, or just got married… sometimes it’s an anniversary present or a birthday present… really, there’s no reason why your guy wouldn’t want to see you all hot and gorgeous!

Sometimes it’s not about any man at all… sometimes it’s about embracing being a woman… embracing your curves, your faults, and really playing up that “best feature” that you have while cleverly disguising that part of yourself you’re not so fond of… sometimes it’s a birthday present to yourself. Sometimes it’s to celebrate a victory: running your first marathon, having that first (or last) baby, losing weight… a new job… you name it!

The ultimate goal for me in every session is to absolutely wow every woman and show her how I see her… a beautiful, strong, powerful, sexy, and perfect woman.  I know that no one is perfect… but at the same time, isn’t every woman perfect just the way she is, because of who she is?  I love being able to capture the beauty that most women can’t see in themselves… I love showing women that they truly are a seductress… and empowering them!

This is the story of Madame A… She booked her shoot as a special gift for her new husband…

I think it’s safe to say that he LOVES his gift!

For more information on my boudoir sessions, please check the boudoir section of my website.  To schedule a session of your own, please contact me!