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Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.♥

I had trouble sleeping… I was just too excited!  No, I didn’t have to worry about cleaning the house or making a special dinner… or getting my hair done… or what the kids would wear… or whether the baby would be scared of Daddy…

Still, I woke up early… I couldn’t wait to get to the hanger!  I was going to get to see so many families reunited today… and while this wasn’t the only homecoming I photographed, this one is particularly close to my heart… This was the first Redcock deployment in 4 years that my husband wasn’t a part of… you see, we left VFA-22 the day before the deployment started… it was bittersweet.  While we were of course very grateful that my husband was staying home, a part of him was very sad he wasn’t going to be joining them on their mission.

But today our Redcock family would finally be reunited!


The “Fighting Cock” awaited the “Fighting Redcocks” as they roared overhead..


I just loved seeing all the excited faces as the jets were landing… the air was crackling with electricity as the jet noise *almost* drowned out all the cheers!


The anticipation and overwhelming emotion turned out to be just too much for some of the little ones to handle… I was crying right along with them… I understand their joy at finally getting Daddy back… and during the LONG 20 minutes it takes the jets to land and park time seems to stand still…


All the little hands waving as the Redcocks headed towards their families… too cute!


Homecomings are better than Christmas for us military families… it’s the day that makes it all worth it.  “Normal” families don’t usually have to move all the time, don’t spend 50% of their marriage apart, typically don’t worry about the danger their spouse faces every day, and don’t have to deal with all the things that we military families consider normal… we envy them that.  BUT, those other families usually never get to experience the intense emotions of a homecoming… they will likely never understand what it’s like to reunite with your soul-mate after being apart for most of a year… they will never know the heartbreaking joy of seeing your children run to their daddy after they’ve spending months promising the kids that he will come home… someday… but today, the Redcocks are home!!



The love, excitement, and elation were absolutely palpable as the families ran to embrace their Redcock… there will never be a hug that is squeezed harder, or a kiss that is as joyous, or tears of such relief, as the first ones after a deployment!


This is Miss Paige… you may remember her from this session, when she had JUST started walking… and today she got to take her first steps to her Daddy!


And these are two of our favorite people… they are fun-loving newlyweds that are absolutely crazy for each other!


What an emotional whirlwind… congratulations to all the families of CAG-17 that were reunited today, and a special congrats to the families of VFA-22, we love you all!

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